The Low Dutch settled here in 1784 and the town was founded in 1804 and incorporated on February 24, 1842.

The Old Dutch Colony marker is near the site of the first settlement on US Highway 421 south of the community and the old Low Dutch cemetery lies just outside of the town limits.

The Low Dutch Meetinghouse was built in 1824 by the original settlers, who were of Dutch decent. The Meetinghouse was built in the heart of 5,600 acres of land purchased from Squire Boone, Daniel Boone’s brother, in 1786 and served as the religious center and housed community gatherings. The Dutch colony held its last meeting in the Meetinghouse on May 9, 1831, at which time the Low Dutch Company’s business was closed.

When the L & N Railroad laid their rails, completed on September 8, 1851, it missed the town by one mile.

A new settlement started around the tracks and was known as South Pleasureville and the other part as North Pleasureville.

The L & N depot was built in 1880 and was the central point for all the people in town and the surrounding area.

The two towns incorporated as one in 1959, now known as Pleasureville.